Caffè Sole/Sister Carmen Community Food Drive

        During the pandemic, several hundred people joined together to sponsor Caffè Sole‘s Food Drive with Sister Carmen. Because of the generosity of so many of you, it was a huge success. We fed 7,400 people in East Boulder County at a time that they were most impacted by the pandemic!

        This year Caffe Sole is doing the Holiday Food Drive again with Sister Carmen in partnership with the Pivot Lending Group. I have had the honor to serve and assist many thousands of clients and friends as a mortgage banker for 30 years. For 26 of those years, I was a Vice President of Mortgage Production and Regional Manager. I work with the Pivot Lending Group and regard them as an excellent partner to support my mortgage services. Pivot Lending provides the highest standard of mortgage service before and after the loan closes.

        Many of you all also know me as the founder of Caffè Sole 27 years ago and through the Caffè Sole Jazz Supper Club which began 10 years ago. Caffè Sole has been my labor of love for 27 years and I am delighted to bring my two careers together to feed the good folks dealing with food insecurity in East Boulder County with Sister Carmen.

The Goal of this year’s Caffè Sole/Pivot Lending Holiday Food Drive is to feed 1000 people
through Sister Carmen
with our Mortgages4Meals Program

     Here is how it works – for every loan that I originate, Pivot Lending and I will co-sponsor Caffe Sole to make and deliver 100 meals, and Sister Carmen will distribute the food to their community. The Mortgages4Meals campaign commitment is to feed 1,000 people!

      Rates are outstanding! This is a great time to refinance your loan to lower your interest rate or to take cash out for investments or home improvements. The rates are also excellent to buy real estate. Please let me know if I can assist you with any of your mortgage questions or needs over the holidays at Together we make a difference.


Suter Du Bose
Caffè Sole-Proprietor
Pivot Lending-Mortgage Banker

Testimonials for Holiday Food Drive

• Hazel Miller —
When Jazz venues were closing before and after the Pandemic, Suter kept the hopes of all of us alive by finding a way to have music remotely sent out to the world. Then he reopened the venue with live music and the best food anywhere in Boulder County.
What I find most intriguing, is that Suter managed to feed over 7,400 of his fellow Coloradans during the pandemic in partnership with the Sister Carmen Community Center Food Bank. The past year has been an enormous and successful undertaking for Suter. He & his restaurant staff threw themselves into serving the people who needed meals the most in Boulder county. I consider Suter a friend, a Jazz enthusiast, a caring neighbor, and a savvy entrepreneur.
• Suzanne Crawford, CEO of Sister Carmen —
During the pandemic shut down, Caffe Sole made thousands of fresh, delicious burritos for Sister Carmen Community Center. These burritos provided quick and easy meals for our participants, many of whom were unexpectedly unemployed. Having fresh, easy to prepare meals on hand helped to ease the stress for many families during the height of the crisis. We are excited to work with them again this holiday season.
Ann Cooper-Boulder Realtor —
I’ve known Suter and frequented Cafe Sole for many years. He is hard working at mortgages, hard working at Sole and an all around amazing guy. Helping people in all these avenues is his passion. He walks the walk. It takes a village!!!!!
Kurt Smith —
        True community. That’s what Cafe Sole is to me. A place I can go and be welcomed with open arms, exquisite music, and a warm “Hey Kurt”. Oh and, truly amazing food. Suter and crew genuinely deliver old world Cafe service.
When I needed to refinance, Suter and Pivot Lending Group had me closed in an efficient, professional, no-hassle 30 days. This is all topped off with a long-standing partnership with Sister Carmen to provide meals to the needy in east Boulder. True community, all around. Count me in!

Peace to you, Suter.


• Herschel-Founder/Director Boulder & Cuba Bike Tours

       I recently was very pleased to work with Suter Dubose at the Pivot Lending Group to obtain a mortgage to purchase my condo in Boulder. The experience was extremely positive and super customer oriented.

Suter has been tirelessly generous and supportive in many areas of civic life in the Front Range.  At this time Suter and Pivot Lending Group are co-sponsoring a holiday food drive in partnership with the Sister Carmen Food Bank.

Please help him help so many local families have something to be grateful for this holiday season.

• Bryant Ottaviano • CEO • Pivot Lending Group

Pivot Lending Group is extremely proud to be a part of the mortgages4meals campaign. Since 2002, our company has been dedicated to assisting charitable organizations looking to help others. This commitment is specific to the communities we live in and want to make better.

Mortgages4meals is honored to partner with Sister Carmen to help with its community’s food insecurity. No person should be hungry in our country, and we can have a substantial impact within our own community.

On behalf of the entire Pivot Team, I would like to say thank you for helping us produce unbelievable results with this fantastic campaign.