Event  Dinner Reservation Protocols

Please refer to the following protocols. This is to ensure accuracy in obtaining your  reservation, confirmation and to ensure your safe and delightful experience at Caffè Sole.

• Dinner Reservations at this time are only made through email at and cannot be offered over the phone.

• Please send your dinner reservation request in the section below. Reservations must be made for an arrival time between 6:00-7:00 PM

• Dinner Reservations are only for our dining guests, and cannot be made after noon the day of the show.

• Please await a personal email response confirming your reservation.

Caffè Sole’s Engineered HEPA Air Purification System

In order to create a very safe environment for our patrons we have installed an engineered air purification system with 5 large HEPA units that will remove 99.99% of the particulates down to .1 micron every 10 minutes, removing most all viruses, dust and smoke. Plus our lovely heated, flower-bedecked patio is open for outdoor seating, weather permiting.